Monday, June 20, 2016

A Shrinking Violet!

One of my favourite parts of Operation Transformation was the make over and catwalk show at the end. I channelled my inner diva and sashayed my way down the catwalk. I LOVED my dress!

I got another chance to wear it this weekend to the AIMS awards,
Amateur Irish Musical Societies.
LMVG were up for five awards

  • Best choreography
  • Best ensemble
  • Best male singer
  • Best female singer
  • Best overall show.
But best news of all, before I headed off for the weekend I had to bring my dress into the dressmakers
Yep, 2 inches off all around since the show finished.

When I was picking it up, the dressmaker took a few photos for her website. She then told me
"If you want to wait around for a while Bressie is coming in to pick up his suit!"
Unfortunately I didn't have the time, but I'd love to know
Was he getting it taken in, or let out???


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