Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I popped into Harry Corry's to see my niece Lauren. While I was there I saw a lovely white wooden unit that would be perfect for under my bathroom sink.
"I'll have one of those", I said to Lauren
She works there, so I wasn't shop lifting!
She looked at it for a moment and then said
"It comes flat packed , but you could get Finian to put it together for you!"

Well of course that was an immediate challenge for me.
"I'll be able to do it myself!" I announced, unconvincingly!

I got the pack home and set to work.

I set everything out in order.

"Now give me those instructions. How hard can it be!"

Holy mother of God! There was no writing on the sheet and the letters corresponding to the correct screws was tiny, nay minuscule!

Not one to be outdone I set to work. Some of it took a bit of working out/guessing as to where what went. I only had one little mishap and then...

One fully functioning bathroom unit. I was very proud of myself.

Next stop, flat packed wardrobe!!!


  1. Oh' well done you Nols and now you have another string to your bow !
    I can see a queue of people at your door calling on you for flat pack assembly services :-)