Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A chorus line

In my former life I was a chorus girl...
and a pretty dam good frontline dancer, I was too!!!
However its been many years since I tred the boards, unless it was as an evil queen/stepmother.

Towards the latter end of Operation Transformation they encouraged me to audition for Leixlip's upcoming musical Rock of Ages. I explained to them that it wasn't just a matter of having lost weight, there were other issues at play, such as age and suitability.
I mean I could never audition for matter how much weight I lost.

Last week LMVG staged their musical. It was PHENOMENAL. I went to see it every night. In fact by the end they felt so sorry for me they gave me a job selling programmes!!!
Every night when I looked at the dancers I thought

Thanks be to God I went salsa dancing instead!!!