Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A chorus line

In my former life I was a chorus girl...
and a pretty dam good frontline dancer, I was too!!!
However its been many years since I tred the boards, unless it was as an evil queen/stepmother.

Towards the latter end of Operation Transformation they encouraged me to audition for Leixlip's upcoming musical Rock of Ages. I explained to them that it wasn't just a matter of having lost weight, there were other issues at play, such as age and suitability.
I mean I could never audition for matter how much weight I lost.

Last week LMVG staged their musical. It was PHENOMENAL. I went to see it every night. In fact by the end they felt so sorry for me they gave me a job selling programmes!!!
Every night when I looked at the dancers I thought

Thanks be to God I went salsa dancing instead!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016


I know all the weight experts say that your weight is only a number and you shouldn't rely on the weighing scales to determine whether you're happy or not. Instead it is more about how your clothes fit you and most importantly about how you feel health and energy wise.
But let's call a spade a spade! We all have that magical number on the scales that we want to hit. In my case it's 10st 3lbs.
Why's that, I hear you ask?
Well that's my borderline healthy BMI weight. At 10st 3 1/2 lbs I am technically overweight but at that I am a healthy weight.
I haven't seen that number since the year 2000 while I was living in Abu Dhabi. The ex-pat lifestyle, although brilliant, was playing havoc with my eating patterns. Those "Eat and drink all you can" nights for a tenner were not kind to my waistline
or my liver!
I remember the  morning I stood on the scales and saw that number I was horrified. I was on the cusp of being overweight for the first time in my life. I decided there and then that wasn't going to happen, I promptly went out that night and the rest is history. My weight has gone up and up over the years until I stood on the scales in front of the Irish nation on Jan 6th 2016 and weighed in at 11st 11 1/2 lbs.
My final weigh-in on Feb 21st was 10st 9 1/2 lbs.
That damn 1/2 lb followed me all the way through the show!
I was absolutely thrilled with my results....but I was still  in the"overweight" category.
I gave myself a few days to celebrate and then got back on track.
Nowadays people ask me
"Are you still on "Operation Transformation"?
I continue to type out my Eating plan for the week as I suffer from PSTS Primary School Teacher Syndrome 
and I train  6 out of 7 days...but I answer "No"!
This is not because I am hiding anything, but because I no longer feel I am "on" a diet.
This is now simply my way of living and I'd feel rotten if I didn't do it.

I have continued to weigh myself once a week, even though I know how I'm getting on by my energy levels. This morning I stood on the scales and this is what I saw...

I want to take this opportunity to apologise to my neighbours who may have heard a scream emerging from my house at approximately 09:06!
 So I not only reached my target I overshot it a little bit. I have lost a total of 1 st 9 1/2 lbs.
It's still there!
The last time I saw that number on the scales I was distraught, this time I was ecstatic.
It's all a matter of what direction you are approaching it from!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Today I was doing a language lesson. I'd give an adjective and the class would give a corresponding noun.
"Name one thing that is ......pretty."
Boy #1 quickly replied
"You, when you were going to the ball in the car."
I'll take that! That boy will go far!

Boy #2 took a little longer. Then his eyes lit up and he said enthusiastically
"A calf."

Well now I know what category I belong least in an 8 year old's world!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Bloomin' fabulous

"Hey Noeleen, would you like to join us for a walk on Slieve Bloom on Good Friday?"
Normally I would jump at the chance to meet up with my best friend from Secondary school, Majella, but I had a flashback to the last time I joined her on one of her "little" walks. Four hours power walking along the River Barrow! Granted the scenery was breath taking....if I had any breath left! My legs kept buckling under me for a week afterwards.
"Eh, how long will this walk take?" I inquired.
I may be much fitter now, but I'm not taking any chances!
"Oh it's a short one, about two hours", she reassured me.

And that is why I found myself at the foot of Slieve Bloom on a glorious Good Friday.

I was in top spirits until I overheard one of the group asking Majella how long would we be.
"Oh about four and a half hours!" Majella cheerfully replied.
"WHATTTTT?????" I squealed. "You told me two hours!"
"And you still believed me after all these years!".

There was no turning back at this stage. Also seeing as I have progressed from being in the bottom 15% of fitness among 50 year old women, to being in the top 25%, I figured I just might make it out alive.

Boy am I glad I took the risk. The scenery was breath taking and it was actually easier to walk up and down a mountain than staying on the flat!

We took a well earned break about halfway....for ham sandwiches.
Yes, I know it was Good Friday and catholics aren't supposed to eat meat, but hey, I figured we were doing the equivalent of Calvary so it cancelled it out!

We were at the four hour mark when one of the group announced
"I'd really love to visit "the lost village". It's up here somewhere."

The Clones was a village situated up the mountain which at one stage had a population of about 70 people. the last family left it in 1962 and now it lies in ruins.

Majella looked to the North and looked to the East.
"Erm, it think it's this way. Sure we'll follow this path and see where it takes us".

My heart skipped a beat. I was recalling the "hilarious" story that Majella had told us earlier about the time herself and Brian went for a walk at 2 o clock, got lost and had to ring someone to come and get 11 o clock that night!!!!
After all I'm sure there is a very good reason why it's called the LOST VILLAGE!!!

I tried to voice my protest, but in vain. I was soon following my party up a path into deeper forest.

Thankfully we were right and were soon wandering in and out of old house ruins and trees. Some of them were two storied, very unusual for old Irish houses.

We did make it back to the car bang on 4 and a half hours. I was still standing straight and knees did not give way under me.

Can't wait for the next walk Majella!