Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I wish I'd lost!

It's hard to believe that Easter holidays are here! Easter is early this year and  with the luck of being Irish, St Patrick's Day is attached to the start of it giving us a nice long break.
In school our Parents Association run an Easter raffle every year with the prizes being....eggs. I walked into the hall this morning and promptly burst out laughing. It just seemed wrong to have 150 chocolate eggs displayed in front of the Operation Transformation display.

The raffle started after break. I have bought tickets for numerous years and I have never won as much as a chocolate button. With my new found abstinence from all things sugary, I reckoned that this year wouldn't be any different and so my will power wouldn't be called into play.
Boy, was I wrong!
Here are my winnings...
Roll on Easter Sunday!


  1. Isn't that terrible and you not knowing anyone to give them too :)

  2. I know. It's an awful state to be in!