Saturday, March 5, 2016

Having my cake and eating it.

During Operation Transformation my colleagues were very supportive and the staffroom became a treat-free zone.
Well most of the time. There was the once that I found Mr Potterton's secret stash of chocolate in a cupboard....but that's another story!

Life is slowly coming back to normal and I was delighted to see that Ms Flynn's birthday was marked with the arrival of a fabulous cake.
After all I'm the one who set out on this "journey", not everyone else. If there are treats around then it is up to me to resist....if I can!


  1. It is all a question now of Self Discipline Nols and do you really want to slip back after all of the hard work ?

    1. I am very determined to keep on the right track with the healthy eating and exercise. I didn't go through all that for nothing :)