Monday, March 14, 2016

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

As I approached the school gates the other morning, I could see one of the Dads of an Infant pupil, slow down and was obviously waiting for me to catch up. When this happens these thoughts flash through a teacher's mind.
"What has happened in the past few days concerning this child?"
"Have I had any dealings with this child in the past few days?"
"Is parent smiling or frowning?"

This father looked quite sheepish as I approached. He coughed nervously and said
"Good morning Ms Noeleen."
"Good morning. Nice weather."
"I'm just wondering if I can ask you a question?"
"Of course," I replied, wracking my brains.
"Now, this is a serious question. I'm not joking."
By this time I was really getting worried. What could it possibly be?
"I'm just wondering....and it's not a joke."
By this time I was ready to scream
"For God sake, spit it out!
"I just need to know.....gulp......where did you get your hair done?

My face must have shown my relief/disbelief as he hastily explained.
"My sister-in-law keeps asking me to find out. She loves your new cut and wants to get the same.

Panic over I told him.
"Carol Ann from Reds on Dawson Street. Tell her I sent you."

One of the easier early morning questions I've had to answer at the school gate!

Application photo for Operation Transformation

After the make over
Yep, Carol Ann is a genius!