Monday, March 7, 2016

Don't stop me now 'cause I'm having a good time....

I am delighted to say that I have been asked by the VHI women's mini marathon to be one of their ambassadors this year. Having accomplished a 5k I am now on the trail of the 10k.
I went into Elvery's in Mullingar to get kitted out with new runners. First up was an assessment of my gait.
You will note that my toenails are still camera ready!!!
However, my toenails might be in pristine condition but my arches are not. I discovered much to my horror that they are practically collapsed.
I was filmed running.

Thank God I'm not camera shy.
More bad news. When I run my right ankle turns in. Didn't sound good.
But thanks to modern science and technology I was supplied with built up inserts that should help to balance that out and help keep my spine in order.
Then came the fun part, choosing my new footwear. I never thought I'd be agonising over which runners were best for me! Finally decided on Asics.

So am now ready for action.
See you on Monday June 6th for the women's mini marathon :)