Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Still trying to change!

Because of the recession I had given up swimming as I couldn't afford the pool membership.
It was either that or my car insurance, so guess which one I paid!

With my new found interest in health I have rejoined.
One of the nicest things about having done Operation Transformation is that people recognise me and come up to say well done.

I went to the pool after school today. I was in mid-change in the dressing room, when a lady approached me and said
"Are you the woman from Operation transformation? I watched it every week and I thought ye were all amazing."

Lovely sentiments, only for the fact that I had just taken off my knickers and was about to step into my swimsuit!!!
I didn't know what to do.. I graciously thanked her and try to discreetly wiggle my way into my costume.
I know we stood in front of the nation in our lycra, but we do still have a smidgen of modesty!

When she left, I stood up....and nearly fell splat on the floor. I had managed to put one leg through the armhole rather than the leg!!!
Ah, the price of fame!