Thursday, March 10, 2016

A lesson on being a celebrity

I was very excited to return to RTE studio today. No, it wasn't a check up to see how I was coping post Operation Transformation. Rather it was due to the fact that our school kids were so well behaved during the whole process and came across so well on camera, RTE asked them to be the audience in a TV programme for Swipe TV.

It was a real flashback entering the Mothership again and walking down the corridors that I had been in only a few short weeks ago.

All went swimmingly well and Ms Murphy and I were about to put our perfectly behaved pupils back on the bus home. Suddenly one of our lads let a shout
"Hey look, it's Marty Morrissey!"

For those not in the know, Marty would be a sports commentator, especially for Gaelic Football and hurling. He gets a lot of ribbing and not so flattering press.

Our 37 kids surrounded him, clambering for his autograph.

My opinion of him has changed completely. Instead of fobbing them off, as I'm sure he must have been on his way to somewhere more important, he signed each and everyone of their leaflets. Not only that, he asked each of them their name, made sure he had the correct spelling and wrote a personal note for each child. If it took a minute to do that, then that added up to about 40 minutes. He then waved them off.

An absolute gentleman,


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