Sunday, February 28, 2016

I fell into a burning ring of fire.

The  aspect of Operation Transformation that caused the most controversy was the Fire brigade challenge. Most people said that they were far too difficult and that we would never have to do anything like that in real life so they couldn't see the point of them.

Having survived them, I totally appreciate why we had to do them. Having been pushed to my physical limits and beyond, I feel there is nothing now that I cannot do....or at least attempt.

About 3k into our 5k run last Saturday, I felt really tired and thought
"I don't know if I can do this".
Then I said
"Hold on a minute. I pulled a fire truck, of course I can do this."

And I did!

Later in the week I was going for my run. I looked out and it had started to rain.
Good old Irish weather.
The old me would have said
"Oh feck, it's raining. I can't go out."
The new me said
"I jumped into the freezing water off Howth pier. A little bit of rain isn't going to harm me."

And off I ran.

We were put into emergency situations, and for those 30 minutes they were real to us.

I would like to think that if, God forbid, I was to be put in a life threatening situation, I wouldn't totally freak out but would have some experience to fall back on.

There are no words to describe how brilliant I felt when a challenge was complete!

I'm still glad I don't have to do any more of them!!!