Sunday, January 3, 2016

A field for all seasons.

This poor little island of ours has been taking a fair battering over the past few weeks. No sooner did they change the way they were naming hurricanes, than they started racing towards us. Since Christmas we've had Eva, Frank and the tailend of Gertrude.
At this rate we'll be at Zoe by St. Patrick's Day!

Here is a photo of my neighbour's field, taken during the summer.

And here is that very same field taken this morning.

Recent reports say that our economy is on the rise.
That may be so, but now the whole feckin' country is sinking!


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  2. Indeed it is very a bad do altogether and what we really need is for more forests of broad leaf trees to soak up the rain and drain off the excess water away through the root stocks. In addition to that the more forests the cleaner the air !

  3. You should run for president!