Friday, November 6, 2015

Tell it like it is.....

The Junior Infants were getting their vaccinations today so I went into their class to help keep them entertained and occupied while they were waiting for their dreaded injection.When I saw one little girl smiling up at me I had a flashback and had to say
"I taught your Daddy when he was small"
.......spitting image!
I heard a snort of derision behind me.
"You didn't", a little boy said in disbelief.
"Yes I did", I replied. "And what's more, I taught your Mammy too!"
"No you didn't", he gasped incredulously, "Cause if you did, you'd be DEAD by now!"

Kids, don't you just love them!!!


  1. H'mm oh poor you, I bet that made you feel ancient... nothing like children for bringing us down to earth.

    1. When you enter Junior Infant classroom, leave your ego at the door!

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