Wednesday, November 4, 2015


During Maths class with my 9 years olds, we were faced with the following problem.

28 mushrooms were divided among four full Irish breakfasts. How many mushrooms were on each plate?

Before we could solve the problem, I had to make sure they knew what "a full Irish" meant. I explained that it was a breakfast that had typically Irish food. I asked them for examples and I got the obvious
"Sausages" "Rashers" " Black and white Pudding" "Eggs" "Tomatoes".
Then I got the answers "Waffles" and "Hash browns". I explained that these were more American type foods than Irish.
One of the little girl's eyes lit up and she announced.
"I've got another typical Irish food.......GUINNESS!"

I suppose it has been consumed for breakfast on manys an occasion!


  1. No. I have never ever had a Guinness for breakfast - a Hennessy Brandy Yes.

    Three plates had seven mushrooms and one plate only had six because one fell off Miss :(