Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crash diet!

This Operation Transformation diet is bloody  amazing!

Yesterday morning, according to I was

Height: 5ft 3ins    Weight: 11st 10lbs

Yet, by the afternoon, according to The

Lynam currently weighs 11 stone and is vice-principal at St Patrick’s National School in Co Meath.

AMAZING! I lost 10lbs in one day. I blame the fact that I was so nervous I lost my appetite and had the runs!
At this rate, there wont be a pick on me by Christmas.


  1. Unfortunately 'The Journal is not known for it's accuracy and it has been rumoured that the staff are still in training or even still at school. You might even have a couple of them in your class Nols :)

    1. My class would never make a mistake like that!!

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