Monday, September 28, 2015

Separated at birth?

Is it just me, or is Ian Madigan not the spitting image of yer man, Ragnar?

Here's hoping all the Irish squad are channeling their inner Viking!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I was working with Senior Infants yesterday. One of the little girls was all excited and told me her news.
"I'm going to be a big sister before St.Patrick's Day! Mammy is getting me a little brother or sister!"

As I actually taught her mother many moons ago, I was especially happy.

"That's great news. Tell Mammy that I said Congratulations."
The little girl looked at me in horror.
"I can't. It's a secret. She told me not to tell anyone".

Well pet, you've just told the whole class of 32 kids, who are now going to go home and tell their Mammies the good news.

Moral of the story: If you want to keep a secret, DON'T TELL YOUR UNDER-8 YEAR OLD!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's okay not to be okay.

I got an early morning text from my friend Jeanette asking me if I was going to the "Hugaton" in Mullingar.
"A wha???" I asked.
Seeing as this is Suicide Prevention week Hugs For Hope had organised the event to take place between 10am - 12 on the Joe Dolan Bridge.

Yes, we have an architectural feature named after one of Mullingar's greatest musical ambassadors. Can't wait for Bressies' Boulevard or Niall Horan's By-Pass!

I made it into town just as the crowd was gathering.The band Good Man Sheila were getting the crowd going.

I must admit I have never before seen people boogieing-on-down in the middle of a road before midday.....without the help of alcohol!

We even had some very famous participants!

This all led up to the main event....the group hug!

Of course there was a very serious reason for all this frivolity. The main message was that its okay not to feel okay. If we are feeling depressed we need to talk about it. We also need to be aware of changes in our family and friends. We have to
Show we care
Ask a question
Make a call.

All in all, one my best Sunday mornings of the year!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Down the drain.

The beauty about living on your own is that you never have to take other people into account! When I enter through my front door I am all that matters! Once the outside doors are locked, I don't have to worry about another door. I can wander from room to room at leisure, never having to turn a handle.

I was visiting my sister Jacqueline, who was minding her two year old grandson, Leon. We were chatting over tea in the kitchen when Jacqueline remarked
"Leon is very quiet. I'll go and see where he is."
She wandered off down the hallway. Sudden I heard a shout

I don't know, I can't remember. What's the big deal?

I too went down the hall......and stopped in my tracks.

Guess I'll be closing every door in future!