Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Come into my garden........

Another day's outing took us to the beautiful Butchart gardens in Victoria. It seems that many years ago Mrs Butchart was fed up looking at an abandoned limestone quarry on their estate ( as in Downton Abbey-type estate, not county council) and so decided to plant a few flowers. This was the result.

Bet you'll never guess what my favourite flowers are?

I  am not a green-fingered person, in fact I hate anything to do with the garden. But I was so inspired by my day in Butchart that I planned there and then to get working on my lawn when I got home and to create a serene and beautiful space around my house.

Fast forward three weeks.

"This feckin' lawn. I'm fed up mowing it. Think I'll tarmac the whole feckin' lot of it!"