Monday, July 6, 2015

Life-work Balance me a#*!

Teachers have great holidays!
No one is going to deny that. However, if during school term you need to take a day off due to wedding, funeral etc it is very difficult to get time off. If we do a professional development course for a week during our summer holidays we can get three days off during the year.
This year, because I'm heading away for the month I couldn't to a face to face course so I applied to do an online one. I got a bit of a shock when the details came back. I had to have 20 hours online done and assignments completed by 31 July. We usually have to the middle of August. As I'm only back on 28th I tried to get as much done before I left.
My travel plans meant flying to Heathrow yesterday, a six hour layover and then onto Calgary. I had a few hours to kill before I met up with my partner-in-crime Jen.

How do I pass the time in an airport?
I know! I'll finish my online course!

I found a computer dock and started my final module.
The Importance of a Life-work Balance.
So there I was in Heathrow airport, about to start my summer adventures, writing  about how important it was to switch off from work while on holiday and to leave it all behind and relax!
Bet I get an A+ for that assignment.
Got it finished and now I'm freeeeee!


  1. We expect a Distinction at the very least!
    Enjoy your holiday & stay sober if you can :)

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