Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wake up call.

I'll be honest.
There have been several mornings this year when my alarm clock has gone off, I've moaned and whined
"Fuck it. Do I HAVE to get up for work today?"
Maybe thirty years of teaching have finally worn me down. Trying to teach a class of 36 kids in a prefab hasn't helped either. Coupled with restricted playground area and proximity to a building site would have tested the patience of Mother Theresa. I was fed up with once more explaining to a parent that although their child was not happy with my decision to do/not do something, it was made with the good of the full 36 children in mind, not just their little prince/princess. Then open a newspaper in the evening and read another article about how greedy teachers in their cushy jobs with endless holidays have the gall to ask for our pay cutbacks to be restored in 2016, like the government promised it would do.
Yep, there were a few times this year when I asked myself
And then I get an end-of-year thank you note like this from a child...

And I realise...
That's why I'm still doing my job.