Thursday, March 5, 2015

Circle of Life

Mam has returned home after a stay in a nursing home where she was recuperating after a fall. We are taking it in turns to stay with her overnight.
Last night it was my turn. It was quite strange to be sleeping in my old bedroom after twenty five years. Mam was sleeping in her room downstairs.
We had retired for the night. But before I could nod off to sleep I had to check that she was alright. I decided that I would sneak down the stairs and peep in her open door to see that she was safe in her bed.

It was amazing that after a quarter of a century I still knew which creaky stairs to step over and where to avoid on the wooden floorboards of the hallway.
I guess all those countless late nights/early mornings when I used to sneak IN trying not to wake her up came in handy at last.
How roles in life are reversed.


  1. I hope that your mother soon recovers her health and strength.