Wednesday, January 7, 2015

In God we trust

In religion class with my eight year olds, we were discussing the concepts of contracts, agreements and covenants. The children thought about something that they would promise God they would do over the next month. They wrote it down on paper which they were to place in an envelope, put in a box on our "sacred space", to be reopened in a month to see how they got on!
In this technological age there are few eight year olds who know how to address an envelope.
Hey, there are probably very few eighteen year olds who can do it either!

I held up my envelope to show them the right way up.
"Now be very careful and make sure you write God's name on it the right way up!"
One of my boys looked up at me and grinned.
"Yep,because if you write it upside down, it'll go to HELL!"
Love it!


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