Friday, January 16, 2015

False Gods!

Before I tell this story I'd just like to state that I do teach many more subjects than's just that the most fun things seem to happen during this class!

In  Religion class, we were looking at stories from the Old Testament and seeing all the different names for God. In the story of Abram and Sari, He was referred to as El Shaddai, which means Almighty God.  As an activity, we made and coloured the name and drew pictures about the story. It was displayed in our "Sacred Space"
along with our covenants!

One of my teaching colleagues came in, glanced at it, did a double take and then burst out laughing
"Ms Noeleen, I thought for a moment that you had set up a shrine to...
Ed Sheeran!"

Well, if I thought it would get me a ticket to his gig in Whelans next weekend, I'd gladly change a few letters!