Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thoughts on turning 50!

Yep, the dreaded day has arrived.
 According to my birth cert
and I have checked it twice
I was born on the 19th December 1964, which officially makes me 50 years old today.
Just saying it makes a shiver of disbelief shoot up and down my spine.
Looking at it realistically very few people live to be 100, so I have to accept that I have lived more days than I have left. But to paraphrase Mae West,
"It's not the days left in my life that are important, but rather the life left in my days."

What is 50 years old like?
Well, I look 24
          I feel 18
     and I act  8
That makes 50, doesn't it??

I remember back in the day when I thought 50 was ANCIENT!
And God forbid that you should be unmarried by this age. All that lay ahead of such a spinster was a life of tweed, knitting and a rocking chair, only to be eaten by her own cats when she finally passed away, home and alone.
I was never one to daydream about getting married and to have planned my perfect wedding by the time I was 12. But neither did I think I would be unmarried by this age. There were men that I've wanted to marry and men that wanted to marry me. Unfortunately they were never the same men!
I haven't ruled out the possibility of meeting a life partner. It would be lovely to have a soul mate to share future adventures with. But I also know that if I don't' I'll still go on those adventures and have a dam good time anyway!

I got to the age of 27 and then I stopped aging. Oh I don't mean physically. Of course I don't look as if I'm in my 20's or 30's.
I'll say I look as if if I'm in my 40's, seeing as I was, only yesterday! 
As long as I look good for my age, whatever it may be, I'll be happy.
I've tried to keep myself in good shape. I'll never run a marathon but I couldn't have run one in my 20s either! However I can give the kids a run for their money during their PE lesson. That'll do fine.
I mean I haven't aged mentally since I was 27.  I don't think I have fallen into the trap of closing my mind off to new ideas and possibilities. To me the definition of getting old is merely thinking you're too old to try something new. When that happens you may as well lie down and die as you're not really living, merely existing.

People have been asking me for the past while, if I was having a 50th party. I had a 30th and a 40th, which I really enjoyed but I have passed on a party this decade around.
Firstly it's a dreadful time of the year to have a birthday party as everyone has loads of Christmas nights-out planned, so its not possible to get all my friends together on the same night. Another factor is the weather....there is always the danger that there will be a big fall of snow or a severe frost preventing people from travelling.
Also, I discovered that last two times, that I was so busy going around everyone who did come to the party that I only got to spend a short time with everyone. So I've decided that I'm going to celebrate my birthday for the entire year, thereby giving me loads of opportunity to meet up with different groups of friends for a proper night out.
So far I've had three brilliant nights with friends, with many more to go!

The money that I would have spent on a party I am going to spend on me.......doing all the things that I've always wanted to do, but couldn't afford to. Bring it on!

So as I embark on the next decade of my life I want to thank all my family and friends who have stuck with me through good times and bad.
Okay, I know if you're family you didn't have much choice! But then again there are families who have parted ways regardless. So thanks to you too!
If you are reading this then you are obviously a relative or friend who has hung on in there!!! I hope to catch up with each and everyone of you over the next year. I am open to any suggestions for an adventure!!!


  1. I am most definitely not a relation nor a friend, am too cranky for that.
    Just reader of your blog who leaves odd comments from time to time and lives a few miles west of you, up agin the Slieve Blooms is close.
    Let me say that 50 is such a tender age and you appear to be a lot younger :) it is though an occasion worth celebrating and I will drink to your health and happiness tonight ! Enjoy all xx

    1. Of course you are a friend, a cyber one! Thank you so much for your lovely words.Sure, have another drink for me tonight!

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