Sunday, December 7, 2014

Speaking in tongues.

A friend’s friend’s daughter has started Junior Infants. At her parent-teacher meeting, the teacher expressed that she was having a little difficulty remembering and using  Irish vocabulary.
The mother, very anxious to further her daughter’s education, began using whatever few Irish words she knew, in everyday situations.
You can imagine her joy when, one day,her young daughter announced
“Can I have a cup of tea with some bainne*?”
*For those of you not blessed with cúpla focail, that means “milk”.
The mother immediately gushed
“Oh you are so brilliant, using those new words that you’ve learned.”
Her little daughter smiled radiantly and announced
“I know. I really love speaking SPANISH!”

And that just about sums up the state of the Irish language, it’s a foreign tongue to us all.


  1. That youngster was not far off considering that the Milesians are presumed to have come from the Iberian peninsula.