Saturday, December 13, 2014

Murder on the dance floor.

It was with a little intrepidation that we set off for Kinnitty Castle for a Murder Mystery night. It wasn't the thought of murder that was making us nervous,but rather the fact that we would be spending the night in one of Ireland's most haunted buildings.
Personally I was rather looking forward to an encounter with an ethereal spirit.

Kinnitty Castle certainly looked suitably ominous as we approached.

The minute I got to my room I knew that there had been a presence there just moments before. Fortunately this "spirit" had left a bottle of champagne as a welcome present.
Now that's my kind of SPIRIT!
Many thanks Helen!

Then it was off to the Great Hall for dinner.
Food was fantastic, murder mystery play was fun but for me the highlight had to be the........table quiz!
Yes folks, I am a gentle, meek person most of the time but give me a paper, pen and twenty questions and I turn into the most competitive person on this planet.
The castle walls were originally built to keep out marauding enemies, which resulted in the fact that no broadband signal can enter either. This mean that no one could google the answers so it would be based entirely on brain power.( and a bit of cheating!) I was ecstatic.
We focused and answered nearly all the questions correctly. But our strong point was our concentration. Everytime the DJ uttered the word "fantastic", the first table to all stand up and shout "orangutan" would get an extra 10 points.
I am ashamed to say we won three times out of four.
How sad!"
But it was worth it. Here we are with first prize.........another bottle of champagne.

I'm beginning to see a pattern here!

Then it was time for dancing. The music was fantastic
dam, I'm still at it!
It was all 80's and 90's stuff, music with actual words! I was on the dance floor for four hours.
No seriously, I was actually ON the dance floor.
I have no idea who yer man with the jazz hands behind me was, but I think I made his Christmas!


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