Thursday, August 21, 2014


Our road trip adventure continued and we headed for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pamukkale.
Now for the science bit…. It is a mountain that has many thermal springs. When the thermal water spreads on a large area on the surface, the calcium carbonate content precipitates in the pools and forms gritty layers. At first it is in gel form and then it turns into travertines as a result of reaction with the air.
This basically means that it looks like an alpine snow scene!

With the sun shining on it, it can be seen from 20km away. Stephen was very disappointed when he saw it first as it looked much smaller than he had imagined. We explained it to him.

When we got there, it certainly didn’t disappoint. I expected to see skiers whizzing down the slopes. In order to preserve the surface you have to climb it in your bare feet. A bit like doing Croagh Patrick, only in the blazing sunshine.

I bet this is a sight you’d never see on Croagh Patrick!

Upwards and onwards. The view and sights were AMAZING.

It was sweltering so luckily there were pools to cool off all the way up.

This was when I really regretted leaving my swimsuit in the car L
I have no sense of the time but I suppose after about an hour we got to the top.

There we wandering through the ruins of the Temple of Apolion, where Apolion met the goddess Kybele.
I bet she didn’t forget her swimsuit!

The Ancient Pool is the main attraction. Its waters are said to have healing powers and cure a list of ailments as long as your arm!

In fact if it was nearer to home I’d give up the VHI altogether!
When Queen Cleopatra noticed that she was losing her beauty she sent her soldiers all over the place to find a healing water for regaining her beauty. One group visited Pamukkale and brought back a sample from this pool. When she washed her face in it, she noticed that her wrinkles immediately began to disappear. RESULT! So what did she do? Well, what any woman would do! She set off immediately for Pamukkale and dipped her whole body into the pool.
Because she was worth it!

After a brief rest it was time to make the descent. It was then that we came up with the idea of building the world’s largest water slide here and sure we’d be down in no time! Alas, we had to walk. We got down in one piece
Well apart from one suspected broken big toe……
Would I recommend it? Most definitely, but I have one word of advice.



  1. I could not but notice the long view of your legs that terminated with delicately painted toe nails and it is probably just as well for my blood pressure that you forgot your bathing costume :)

  2. They are not all that long, I am only 5'3" so your blood pressure is perfectly safe!