Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just in case.

The Mahmutlar 4 (M4 for short) arrived in Turkey nine days ago. Unfortunately our luggage did not. In fact they managed to misplace a whole plane load of cases. While Turkish Airlines were very unhelpful, we could not believe how the locals here tried to help us. The number of people who had "a friend's cousin" who worked in Istanbul airport who tried to local them, was unreal.
Fiona and my luggage arrived three days later. Caroline's arrived later that night. Dawn's......was lost.
Everyday someone would ring the office for her and she was told
Day 1: It is in Istanbul airport.
Day 2: It is in Antalya airport.
Day 3: It will be dispatched tomorrow.
Day 4: It hasn't been located yet.
Day 5: We have no idea where it is.
.......and so on.
In fact Dawn spent the nine days of her holidays without any of her stuff. She was brilliant. I know if it was me, I'd have had a breakdown over it.
Again people were brilliant, offering anything they could to help. One lady, who had returned to Ireland, even rang the caretaker of our complex to tell him to let us into her apartment so that we could look through her wardrobe for anything Dawn needed.
Dawn, Fiona and Caroline were heading back to Ireland tonight. While we were out at our farewell dinner Dawn got a call to say that
It arrived at the apartment twenty minutes before she was leaving to go home!
She opened it, took out a new outfit to wear, closed it again and put it into the taxi that was bringing them to the airport. That's as much use as she got out of it all holiday.

All I can say is
"Dawn, you are a trooper!"
Look on the bright side. At least you won't have to spend all tomorrow washing out your holiday clothes!


  1. If I did not know this to be true. I would have said that it was a fairy story and it is still almost unbelievable.

    1. Unfortunately it was very true. Worse nightmare. I wonder will it get home?