Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting legless.

One of the stops on our road trip was to interview a lady who has just set up her own lucrative business - FROG FARMING!
It seems that Turkish frogs, or rather their hind legs, are considered a specialty in France and Italy and so she will exporting there in the autumn. I didn't know what to expect, but I did imagine a scene from The Plagues of Egypt with thousands of frogs clambering over themselves. It was much more relaxing that that, in fact the froggies seemed to have a great time splashing about in their pools and basking in the sunshine.
Enjoy it now, you don't know what's ahead of you!

Even up close, I didn't think Yumm yumm!

During your first year teaching out of college you do your H.Dip. The dreaded inspector/ cigire visits you several times to observe you teaching and then hopefully you get a piece of paper marked sásúil.  You are now a fully qualified teacher!!!
After several incidental visits it was my BIG DAY. I was going to be observed all day, teaching every subject.
Morning time went well and I taught English, Irish, Maths, Music and Religion. It was time for PE in the afternoon.
Now there was a hall in this particular school, unlike my current one. But because of overcrowding, the hall was used as an Infant classroom in the morning. When the infants went home early afternoon, it could then be used by the older classes as a hall.
My inspector gave me a few minutes to move back the desks and chairs to get it ready. In the process the nature table was knocked and the bowl of frogspawn in water hurtled to the floor. I reeled in horror as the little balls of jelly winked up at me, while I could hear the sound of approaching footsteps coming down the corridor. Visions of "FAILED" appeared before my eyes.
So I did what any kind, considerate teacher would do in the process.
With the side of my foot, I swept the frogspawn and water out of sight under the nearest cupboard. There were wails of
"Not at all", I consoled them. "It's nice and cool and dark in there, which tadpoles love, and they have loads of water. We'll get them out after our PE lesson!"
The door opened and in came the inspector. I began my PE lesson and the children soon forgot about the poor gasping critters under the cupboard.

I got my H.Dip! I didn't manage to rescue the frogspawn, well not alive anyway.

Soon afterwards it became illegal for teachers to bring frogspawn into the classroom. I'm not saying there was any connection to this incident!


  1. Nols, I am rather surprised by your jovial attitude towards Frogs considering that there is a worldwide depletion of this species of amphibian.

    Quote "Since the 1980s, declines in amphibian populations, including population crashes and mass localised extinctions, have been noted from locations all over the world. These declines are perceived as one of the most critical threats to global biodiversity, and several causes are believed to be involved, including disease, habitat destruction and modification, exploitation, pollution, pesticide use, introduced species, and ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B). However, many of the causes of amphibian declines are still poorly understood, and the topic is currently a subject of much ongoing research. Calculations based on extinction rates suggest that the current extinction rate of amphibians could be 211 times greater than the background extinction rate and the estimate goes up to 25,000–45,000 times if endangered species are also included in the computation."

    1. The reason that frog farming is on the increase, is that it has become illegal to hunt natural frogs, which I think is a good thing. As regards my H.Dip day, I throw up my hands in surrender and admit that I was totally callous and selfish in my treatment of the frogspawn, but my career flashed in front of my eyes and all I thought about was myself :(

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