Saturday, July 26, 2014

Country cousins

Jeanette and I are the cousins that are closest in age. There are only five months between us.
She is the older one, I hasten to add!
As a result we reached many milestones together. We received our Confirmation on the same day.

I’m loving my knee socks and veil combination. Very pre-Lady Gaga!

House parties were very big in our families, not ones with alcohol, but with lots of music and singing. Jeanette was the singer and I’d la-la-la in the background.

When it came to the era of the disco I would go over to stay in her house in Rochfortbridge and we would go to The Palm Club together. I still remember the excitement of getting ready in her house and wondering if this would be the night that either of us would “shift”.*
*an Irish term meaning to kiss someone

Over the years we have had many nights out together.

We are now reaching another milestone in our lives, namely our 50th birthdays.
Again I want to point out that Jeanette has reached it first! This weekend we went to Tyrellspass Castle to celebrate it with her.
Jeanette was much more successful that I in the “shifting” department as here she is with her husband Ray and her four fine strapping sons!

So happy birthday Jeanette and can I just say that I think for two birds that have almost a century of life experience between us, I think we look damn good!


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