Monday, May 12, 2014

Number 57, please!

Because of the late nights associated with Strictly Come Dancing over the past two weekends, I have been staying with my sister in Enfield. Us dancers have been socialising hard, so when it came to "going home" time I had to ring the local taxi-man
Usually at 3.00am
Night 1:
"Hi there. Can I have a taxi from The Marriott Hotel to Enfield Alarms* please?"
* My sister's business, I figured that would make it easier for the taxi driver to get me home.
Night 2:
"Hi there. Can I have a taxi from Boggan's Bar to Enfield Alarms, please?"
Night 3:
"Can I have a taxi from The Bridge Bar to Enfield Alarms please?"

God only knows what the poor man thought was going on in Enfield Alarms!

As if my sister hadn't seen enough of me over the past weeks, she invited Mam, my sister and myself up for Sunday dinner.
"Nothing too fancy," she explained beforehand.
However I did get a bit worried when I saw this in the window.
I've heard of "Chicken in a Basket", but not "Kitty in a basket."

Luckily, she woke up just in time!

You talkin' to me????