Monday, April 28, 2014

Dad can be such a Dumbo at times.

In my four years of blogging, this is definitely one of my top five favourite stories.

Friends of mine gave birth to a baby boy, a little brother for their five year old daughter.
Dad had obviously read The Ladybird Guide to Parenting, and he was trying to encourage bonding between the siblings.
First of all he told the little girl that the new baby had brought her a present.
Now, stop me if I'm wrong. I can not give an accurate description of labour, but seeing as I find it hard to believe that Santa can get a sack of toys down a chimney, I certainly can't see how a baby can bring a present out of THERE!!!
Secondly, as he was bringing her into the ward to see her brother for the first time, he gave her some advice.
"You can touch him gently and then you can talk to him."
They pushed open the door and cautiously walked up to the little cot where he lay, wrapped in swaddling clothes. The little girl caressed him gently on the forehead, then leaned in and asked in a hushed tone
"Do you like elephants?"
The father coughed nervously and said
"Well maybe we should start with something a bit easier?"
"But Dad!" she wailed "I need to know if he does."

Of course she did.
In a five year old's world there are just two groups of people.......
Those who like elephants (good) VS those who don't like elephants (bad).
It's only as we get older that we put in other categories and make life far too complicated.

And just for the record, I like elephants!


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