Monday, April 21, 2014

Bag Lady

Some people would consider the term "Bag Lady" as being derogatory. I see it as a badge of honour! I'm slightly obsessed with handbags.
Okay, okay, I'm more than "slightly" obsessed.
When people visit a new place they often buy stupid things like plates or sticks of rock to keep as a souvenir of their holiday. I buy a handbag. Much more practical. As a result I have amassed a large collection over the past few years.
It was only when I was almost smothered in an avalanche of handbags, when the door of their wardrobe burst open, that I realised that it was time for a cull. 
I also am aware that I was committing the mortal sin of handbag storage...... They were left lying on top of each other at the bottom of the pile, thereby losing their shape.
I set about sifting through them and discarding the ones I haven't used in years/will never use again.
However it was an extremely long process. Each bag had its own story to tell. Whether it was reminding me of a holiday I was on, a friend who had seen a wacky bag and "thought of you", or bringing back memories of weddings, race meetings or date nights (both good  and disastrous ones!)
These are some of my favourites....

A new take on the "body bag" as seen in CSI.
One made of lollipop sticks and a very effeminate football!
A demented turkey and one that combines my two favourite things in the whole world.....a handbag and chocolate.
This is one that no single woman should be without! If you have to go anywhere on your own and are pestered by an undesirable, just pretend this is a magazine and ignore them!

This one proves that I do have a conscience when it comes to global warming.
By the time I was finished there was a collection of 50 previously-loved bags all ready to go to a caring home.   
Just let me know!
Also, the ones I am keeping are all carefully stuffed with newspaper and stored on shelves.
Let's see how long that lasts!

All I can say is........I seem to have LOADS of room for new handbags!


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