Sunday, March 2, 2014

A very strict-ly teacher

The local GAA club are running Strictly Come Dancing as a fundraiser. 14 men and 14 women from the community take part. Each couple learn a dance and then there is a grand finale. I jumped at the chance to take part when I was asked, as I really want the opportunity to learn a proper dance.
In first rehearsal we were just getting to know each other.We lined up in two opposite lines, did the step with one partner and then move down the line to a new one.
 A bit like speed dating, only to music.
I stood in front of my next victim.....I mean partner. We cha-cha-cha-ed for all we were worth. I was beginning to relax into it, when I heard the words no woman ever want to hear.
"I bet you never thought we'd be dancing like this, MISS!"
Yep, you've guessed it, it was one of my ex-pupils.
"How did you not recognise him?" I hear you ask.
Bear in mind that he was about nine years old when I taught him. In the intervening fifteen years he has changed considerably in height, looks and facial stubble. I, of course, haven't aged a day!!!
After rehearsals we all retired to the bond. I got talking to him.
"Listen, pet. All I'll say is, if you call me Miss again, I'll give you a clip on the ear."
"Ok, Miss, I mean Teacher, I mean Noeleen."
Old habits die hard!