Monday, January 6, 2014

Fishy Business

We kinda got two of our lessons mixed up today!
Earlier on was Religion. We were learning about the sacraments, including Matrimony. It’s always a tricky one. Obviously the Church’s stand is that you can only get married once, unless your spouse dies. But in the real world shit happens. Most of my pupils know someone who is with a second partner, so of course you don’t want to upset them. We discuss the fact that there are different circumstances that need to be taken into account.
Then onto Geography.
Much safer topic, or so I thought!
 We discussed the fact that the good old salmon swims back upstream in order to find “a partner” to mate with. Unfortunately our religion topic was still on some of their minds.
“But Miss, if fish only have a memory of 3 seconds, how can they remember who their partner is?”
“But salmon are fish, it’s not the same as humans. People stay with their partners for longer than 3 seconds.”
There was silence for a few seconds while they pondered this piece of information. Then a clever spark uttered
“Unless you’re talking about Kim Kardashian!”
There was no reply to that!


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  2. Nether the Church or the Unmarried have any knowledge of what a marriage is or is not therefore they must not make assumptions.

  3. Hello there Noeleen,
    What`s the story? Your blog is gone very quiet. Your good posts are being missed.
    Tony Lawlor.

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