Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thinking outside the box.

I'm NOT a Christmas person!
There is only one thing I hate more than putting up decorations, and that's taking them down.
Bah, humbug!
This morning as I was crossing the schoolyard I saw a group of my kids waiting around.
"Will ye go into the classroom and take the Christmas Tree out of the puppet theatre and decorate it with whatever is there?"
Only too delighted they sped in, and I went to the staffroom for my morning cuppa!

When the bell went I returned to my classroom to be met with this sight.
They could not find the angel to put at the top of the tree so they were extremely creative. They decided to use props from our props box to turn the entire tree into an angel.
From the back it looks lovely....
Lots of tinsel, check.
Curley hair, even if it is illuminous green, check.
Wings, check.

However, it is a different story from the front!
Specky specs check
Beard, check.
Vampire teeth, check.

Definitely my favourite tree ever. It's staying!


  1. Now that's a very entertaining tree !

  2. No wonder Mary was frightened😊