Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Little Red Hen.

I went shopping today and bought a fabulous new…….dishwasher!  Of course the first problem was how to transport it home. There was no way it was fitting into the back of Roxy!
I can just about get a weekend case into Roxy’s boot.

My sister came to my rescue with her bigger vehicle. Then problem #2 arose. How would we get it out of her car and into my house?
I rang my sister-in-law to see if my brother Finian would be around to help.
“We are heading out for a while but we’ll be back in the afternoon.”
“This is the problem with being single,” I moaned. “I don’t need a man for sex but I need one for situations such as this.”
There was a slight pause at the other end of the line and then Marese sighed.
“I’m sorry to disillusion you Noeleen, but even if you have a man, you’re still like The Little Red Hen and you end up having to do this things for yourself anyway!”
That burst my bubble!
A Happy Ending……..
My sister and I got a small trolley and succeeded in getting the dishwasher out of the car and into my kitchen ourselves. Yipee!
See, I don’t need a man…..oh wait a minute. It’s not installed yet.
Where did I leave Michael (the plumber)’s number?