Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Dark Night Rises.

For the second time this week my house was plunged into darkness because of a power cut. Luckily I had a few matches left from the last time. Have you any idea how many it takes to light a lorryload of tea-lights?
Once I had a bit of illumination, I was at a loose end as to what to do.
"I'll listen to some music. No wait I can't.
"Xposé has started..... Nope. Can't do that either."
"I'll make myself a nice cup of tea. Feck, can't."

After many attempts I decided on seeing what all the settings on my new camera can do.
Here is my fireplace in the sitting room.
Anyone who has been in my house knows that there is no way it is that big in real life!
Whoever said the camera never lies, was lying!


  1. If you think that you might be going to have more power cuts then it would be good to be prepared. As well as alternative cooking and lighting methods you should line up a friend or two maybe a bottle of wine or two and enjoy the peace and quiet of it all while just simply talking away at ye`re ease. Power cuts can be a blessing in disguise. That is a lovely picture that you took.

  2. Sorry to read of your power cuts Nols. Just shows ow much reliance we put on electricity. Now if you had an open fireplace you could have boiled a kettle as well as having a good fire to heat and illuminate your room.