Monday, December 23, 2013

Sharing milestones in someone's life.

Many (many) years ago I was having my 30th birthday party in Harry's hotel in Kinnegad. A bus load of Leixlip Musical and Variety Group  (LMVG'ers) made the arduous bus trip out of The Pale into Redneck country. Aboard that bus was a young 15 year old called Karl Harpur. He remembers it with very fond memories as it was the first time that he had a drink.
Don't blame me. I didn't buy it for him.
In fact, it was such a rite-of-passage, that when Harry's was knocked down several years later, Karl went into a mild state of depression!

A year or two after that fateful night, a planeload of  LMVG'ers went to Rotterdam for a weekend to see Karl's brother Gary who was singing in Riverdance. Emer, Karl and I were wandering down the street in Rotterdam, when Karl opened his wallet. Something fell out and landed before us on the pavement. Karl's face went puce and he tried to scoop it up before our eagle eyes could spot it.
Too late! It was a condom!
Poor little Karl nearly died as us "auld ones" saw what it was. Of course, being the mature, responsible teachers that we were, we slagged the arse off him!

Much later that night we had all retired to our rooms. Suddenly we heard a scraping at our door and a pitiful voice whispered
"Can I stay with ye tonight? My room mate has scored and I can't get into my room. I've no where to sleep."
"Ok Karl.....but just be aware. You'll have no use for that condom here!!!"
"I promise I'll keep my clothes on!"
He was just happy to have a place for the night!

That was then and this is now.
Yesterday was another milestone in his life, his wedding to the beautiful Jen.

I was very happy to share in their day.

All I can say is
"Karl, I hope you know, that condom is WAY out of date by now!

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