Monday, December 16, 2013

Glass half-empty, half-full?

I have always considered myself to be a fairly up beat sort of person. I try to look on the bright side of things. I'm not  prone to major panic attacks. I'm basically happy-go-luck........or so I thought.
These mornings have been particularly dark and dismal as I have been driving to school. As I haven't been shopping recently
Correction. I have been shopping but not for silly things like groceries!
I popped into Centra in Ballivor to get a sandwich for lunch.
As I was standing at the checkout, the woman beside me said.
"Oh, is that your car parked at the door?"
My heart lunged in my chest, I could barely breath and all the following scenarios flashed through my head.
Scenario 1:
I had forgotten to put on the handbrake. Roxy had taken off down the incline, crossed the road and caused a pile up in downtown Ballivor.
Scenario 2:
The drive across the bumpy bog road had caused Roxy to overheat and her engine had spontaneously combusted and she was now engulfed in flames at the door.
Scenario 3:
A group of teenagers waiting for the secondary school bus had gotten bored, taken a penknife to Roxy's soft top, which was now in tatters.

Obviously the woman saw these horror stories flash across my face and quickly added.
"Oh its just that it a really cute car and I'd love one!"
Phew. The waves of relief rushed through my veins.
That's all? Thank God.
I mumbled a few words of thanks and raced out to see for myself.
There was Roxy, waiting patiently for me.
I was still in a bit of a state when I got to school.
I guess I need a bit of work on my zen-like persona!