Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kerb crawling....with a twist!

Names have been changed to preserve the reputation of the people involved!
Having arrived back on home ground I met up with the "girls" for dinner in Mullingar.
The term "girls" is used loosely here, as will become more evident later on in the story!

Dinner was, of course, accompanied by a few glasses of wine. Much later in the night, we all piled into the designated driver's car.
The streets of Mullingar were very empty, lit by some solitary street lights.
Just setting the ambiance here!
As we were being driven up the street we saw a group of young fellas, aged about 19 to 20 years,  walking on the pavement. Áine, the driver, let out a hormonal, teenager-esque scream.
"Oh look! It's NIALL HORAN!"
Ah yes, the bold Niall was home for the weekend as it was his nephew's christening. What a lucky baby, having a member of a soon-to-be-the-first-billionaire-boyband as your godfather!
Áine is a big One Direction fan. Her teenage daughter has no time for them as it would be soooooo uncool to like the same band as your mother.
We were a bit taken aback when Áine sped up the street, whirled around the roundabout and came back down the street, after the boys.
"What are you doing?" we screamed.
"I want to get a closer look."

She pulled up beside them, beeped the horn and rolled down the window.
Now bear in mind that we were the ones who had had a few drinks, while she was stone cold sober. Yet it was us that slunk down in our seats,, trying to cover our faces in mortification!
 There was silence for a moment and then a voice rang out
"Oh look. It's a car full of auld wans!"

Áine was a bit miffed. But as we pointed out, they were perfectly right to say so, we were all old enough to be their mothers! And what if things were reversed? What if we were a car full of 40 something year old men who beeped at a group of young girls?
"But it was Niall Horan!" she wailed.
It doesn't matter. The poor child deserved a night out with his old school friends, without being harassed by "auld wans"!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I haven`t laughed that much in a while.

  2. Thanks Tony. we laughed too....after the mortification had subsided!

  3. Fingers crossed!!! Why couldn't it have been Johnny Depp down in Multy?