Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How did they know?

We went to the Depeche Mode concert after Formula 1. For some reason I remember hearing this story back in the 80's.
 The lead singer said that when they started out they were giving an interview over the phone to a magazine. When the article came out it was obvious that it had been a bad line. The article read
New and upcoming band -  A Patch of Mud!

Alcohol was sold at the venue, but they were much stricter than here in Ireland. You had to get a wristband before going to the bar.

What I want to know is....why didn't they ask me for proof before they slapped it around my wrist???


  1. Nols you have my condolences ! Each time I visit a supermarket to buy alcohol nobody ever asks my age. Could it be something in my countenance that tells them I am over eighteen :)