Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heaven on Earth.

After my pit lane walk on Thursday I have become a Formula one fan. So you can imagine my excitement when Jen told me she was after getting free tickets for us for the weekend races.
"They're PADDOCK CLUB TICKETS", she screamed in excitement.
Now I didn't really get the screaming part. After all I've been around the paddock at Kilbeggan races and it really wasn't all that exciting.
"No, you don't realise", she continued, "These tickets cost $5000....each!"
We were to be guests of Toros Rose. At first we didn't know what team that was, but a quick translation revealed it to be a part of Red Bull. Even better!
Despite the fact that I am a master at packing, even I didn't foresee packing a suitable outfit for such a prestigious event. However I did my best.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We were brought up to the reception area which over looked the track.

 From then on we were constantly confronted by waiters who kept us topped us up with a never ending supply of food. I did try the octopus.

Too fishy for my taste.
There was also a constant free flow of alcohol, despite the fact that it was the Islamic New Year. Hardly surprising, Yas Island had gotten an exemption for the day. I made the most of that too.

The highlight of my day, what am I talking about, the highlight of my YEAR, was when Jen and I were brought on a tour of their garage.
And might I add that our Austrian guide was absolutely gorgeous in a cougar/paedophile sort of way!
If yesterday was exciting when I got to see the cars from behind a barrier, I was beside myself with euphoria when we were right in the garage as they were getting the car ready for the practice lap. The tension was electric as all the crew were poised in place. We had to wear headphones to drown out the noise. The instructions were coming into our headphones too.
"One minute to go. Places."
"Fifty seconds....."
I got so into it, I was about to leap in among them and shout
"If you need someone to change a tyre, I can do it...in 13 seconds!"
When he shouted GO, they whipped the covers off the tyres and off Ricciardo sped.
Claus then showed us where the tyres were stored and told us the difference between each type.
If I ever get on Mastermind, my specialist subject will be
"The importance of temperature and air pressure of tyres in Formula 1 racing!"
He also pointed out all the wet tyres lined up, ready for action. They weren't going to be caught out again like they were three years ago when it started to rain during the race....and NO TEAM had unpacked the wet tyres as they thought there was no way it could rain in Abu Dhabi. Wrong!
Unfortunately I have no photos to show as photography is forbidden. I might have been working as a spy for Ferrari!
Back we went to the reception area for more free food and drink. Then there was a talk by the team trainer.

"A driver will lose between 3-6kgs during every race."
I paused with a spoonful of chocolate soufflé half way to my mouth.
That's it. I'm taking up this sport. Feck this Slimming World business. But I think they'll have to slice off my hips before I'll even manage to get in the car!


  1. When you mentioned of having been around the Paddock - I had visions of you as being a Pony Girl. Surely not said my mind ???

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