Friday, October 25, 2013

#1: Things I miss about Abu Dhabi

People who know me, are aware that I am not an overly house proud person.

However there are certain times each year that my house shines like a new pin.
a) New Year's Eve. If I have as much as one item of clothing unwashed/unironed, then I am convinced that I will be cursed with a year of bad luck.
b) When I go away on holidays my house has to be cleaned, dusted and polished to within a inch of its life. I figure that its depressing enough to have to come home after a stint abroad, without being greeted by a mountain of housework.
And so I have spent the past week decluttering, moving furniture, hovering up spiders etc in preparation for my return to Abu Dhabi.
I was talking to my friend Jen with whom I am staying.
"So Noeleen, when are you arriving?"
"On Saturday."
"Great. I'll get the cleaner in to get the place ready."
Groan of envy.
Ah yes, I remember the days when I had a cleaner for my one bedroomed apartment. One didn't do things like housework.
If you don't see me in November you know I have decided to stay! Recession me a*^@


  1. Ah, one of the great benefits of being an expat. I miss the ever-clean apartment, too. Have a great time...and give the city a big hello for me. I would love to see all the changes.