Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The silent b

I got this story from a friend of mine who teaches 7 year olds in another school.
She was teaching phonics and they were looking at words that had a "silent b". She came to the word "plumber" and after much discussion the children understood it. She then asked the fatal question
"And does anyone know someone who is a plumber?"
Blank faces stared back at her. Suddenly one little boy's face lit up with delight.
"I do, Miss. The fella who is living with Granny at the moment is a plumber."

AT THE MOMENT??? Just how many men does Granny go through? And can she please tell me where she gets them, PLEASE!!!


  1. Wonder if he drove a Pajero ? if you want a giggle look up the meaning and you will see the connection!