Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where was Moses when the lights went out?

We headed into the neighbouring town of Alanya for a night out. Now this was more like the Turkey I remember from my youth! The streets were thronged with (mainly young) people, in various forms dress and undress, all in high spirits and in search of a good night out.
We fit in just fine among them!
We found the bar/club that we were looking for.
Someone in Mahmutlar had written down the name of the club that his friend/cousin/sister's son worked in, and he would give us a "very good discount". And do you know what? He did!
The place was heaving. Music was blaring out from the speakers. You didn't even have to make an effort, the vibrations made up bob up and down in time to the rhythm with absolutely no effort on your part! Hundreds of partygoers were giving it their all, gyrating around poles, on the bar, every conceivable surface.
We found a quieter spot and  settled in to enjoy the view!
Things were moving along nicely when suddenly.............nothing!
The lights went out and the music whined down to a halt. Someone had either pulled the wrong plug or forgot to put a lira in the meter. Whatever the reason was, the whole place descended into blackness.
Darkness continued for several minutes.
Then a burst of light appeared in the bar area.
"Oh, they must have a back up generator", I thought naively.

Are you mad? Of course they didn't.
The barmen, obviously used to this occurrence, merely launched into their routine. Cloth soaked in alcohol was pushed into the neck of an empty bottle and set alight.
As a child I remember seeing something very similar on the news, only that time they were making petrol bombs in Belfast!
Anyway, the barmen started juggling. Fire was twirling through the air mere inches from the customers sitting at the bar. In face many of the customers were still sitting ON the bar. Every now and again a bartender would take a swig from the bottle and blow a huge burst of flame into the air. All of this was to thunderous applause from the crowd.
Now normally in a situation like this, my Primary School Teacher Syndrome would kick into place and I'd immediately think
Right. This is a potentially dangerous situation. I need to get everyone rounded up in orderly lines in a calm but purposeful way, move slowly but steadily out of the area and assemble at a predetermined point.
Did I hell as like?
It's amazing how we all have different personas and we react totally different depending on the situation we're in.
After a momentary pause, I was clapping and cheering encouragement as loudly as the next person!
Or maybe it's just me that's schizophrenic!

Anyway, several minutes later there was a whirr and the lights flickered back on and the THUMP THUMP THUMP beat re-emerged from the speakers.
The party was back on.


  1. When I was younger a power outage in a night club was always Welcomed, as an interlude to engage in some real snogging..