Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not by the hairs on my chinney, chin, chin....

Having being coming to the close knit community of Mahmutlar for the past few years I feel at home here. I have come to know the staff of various restaurants very well. When you come back the following year they may not necessarily be in the same hostelry, but they will be around somewhere. Despite the thousands of people that they meet every season, they will remember your name and your family's names.
However I find it difficult to explain some of the behaviours that I take for granted. One such area concerns things a Turkish waiter will do that an Irish waiter would lose his job over.....immediately!
  • When you enter a restaurant he will shake your hand and kiss you....on both cheeks, before seeing you to your seat.
  • When you leave the restaurant, he will shake your hand and kiss you....on both cheeks.
Heaven forbid you forget to do this, as you will be chastised the next time you enter the restaurant, as I recently discovered to my cost.
  • If the restaurant is not busy, he will sit himself down beside you and have his cup of coffee and possibly a cigarette.
  • He will ask you such questions as "Are you married?" and "Why aren't you married?", not out of curiosity but rather out of concern!
  • In return, he has no problem revealing all the personal details of his own life.
I could write a book on the gems I've gleaned!
  • If you happen to be having lunch while working on your laptop, he has no problem leaning over your shoulder and reading what you are writing. If you happen to be looking at NEXT's website to see what you will be wearing come autumn, he will get very excited when he sees the pictures until he realises that it isn't porn.
  • If you happen to be eating your meal in the company of a small child or baby, he will take up the child in his arms and wander around the restaurant with it, leaving you to eat your meal in peace.
Not only would an Irish waiter lose his job for this, he would also get a jail sentence.

But this takes the biscuit!
I was sitting writing my blog when a waiter sat down beside me to have his coffee. During the course of our conversation he looked at me and pointed to my chin. I took a serviette and swiped away an imaginary blob of ketchup. He shook his head and said
"No. It is a hair. You need to pluck."
Now I know he was just being kind pointing out that I have perhaps let my personal grooming slide a little while on holidays.
I immediately booked into European Beauty for threading!


  1. Am sure a beard will suit you, eventually!

  2. Then I can run away and join the circus!

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