Saturday, August 10, 2013

The perfect ending to the perfect day.

 A perfect day was spent lounging on a sunbed, shaded under numerous umbrellas, interspersed with occasional dips into the azure sea.
"I think we'll have lunch here on the beach.
Time was ticking on but did we move? Hell no.
Dusk began to fall.

"I think we'll have our dinner here on the beach."
Darkness fell and we were still there.
"I think we'll have a drink here on the beach."

Mehmet, the man in charge of the beach bar came down to the sea edge, followed by a group of children like the pied piper. He had a collection of Chinese lanterns with him.
Probably feeling sorry for us still there, he gave us one as well. He instructed us to light the tea light and when the lantern started to rise to make a wish and send it out into the universe.

We were as excited as the kids.. I was beginning to panic as one after the other they began to slowly lift off the sand and then float off into the night sky, but mine was planted firmly on the ground.
"Move, you stupid lantern. MOVE!" I inwardly screamed.
I obviously have a sense of authority in my voice, because it slowly began to sway, hover and then rise up to follow its companions.
My eyes followed it until it disappeared, while I repeated my wish over and over again.
I can't recall feeling so content in a long, LONG time.

Of course I'm not going to tell you what I wished for. Sure then it won't come true!