Thursday, August 15, 2013

Help the medicine go down.

It is only when you go to a place like Turkey that you realise how exorbitant the price of medicine is in Ireland. A friend of mine got her month's supply of prescription drugs for €17 in Turkey as opposed to €78 for the same amount in Ireland. She also saved a further €50 on a visit to the doctor to get a prescription in the first place.
It was no surprise then that I was getting texts from various members of my family before I came home from holidays, asking
"Noeleen, can you get four bottles of my ear-drops?"
"Can you get me some antibiotics?"
"Do they sell Neurofen plus over there?"
And so on.....
I arrived home with my stash.
When I got here, the front pages of every paper were plastered with the story of the two young women who have been arrested in Peru for drug smuggling .

I've just family have turned me into their drug mule!