Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A weighty issue.

Having eaten and drank my way through the last month in Turkey I knew I must have put up some weight. I landed in Dublin at 10.30am, was down in Raharney at 1.00pm and was in Slimming World in Mullingar at 5.30pm.
"Please step up on the scales," said the nice lady.
Up I stepped, knowing that there was going to be an increase. The numbers went up and up....and up.
I had put on a full stone!!!
Not that I am surprised. How could I be? I had gone out for dinner every evening for the past 28 nights. So now I am on a healthy eating mission.
I was unpacking my case today when I saw that they had put this tag on my luggage.
I think they should have put it on me before I boarded!


  1. What is more there is a photo of you eating some of that high in calories Macdonalds stuff.
    I saw and knew that trouble was coming your way... bad teacher, naughty teacher, teacher needs 1,000 lines of "I must be careful of what I eat"

  2. I must be careful of what I eat.
    I must be careful of what I eat
    I must be careful of what I eat.
    I must be careful of what I eat.
    etc. etc. etc.

  3. You must have more discipline Miss, you cannot get away with putting etc.'s in that will definitely not do.

    Good craic though :)