Thursday, August 1, 2013

A taxing time

I remember when I got my first car, how difficult it was to tax it. As a new teacher funds were low so I could only tax it for three months at a time.
Hey I was so broke, I couldn't even afford to give my car a name!
In order to tax it, you had to physically haul yourself into the Tax Office in Mullingar, armed with car registration book, insurance policy and the money. The queue was always out the door. You stood in line waiting for an empty hatch to appear, while the workers were busy chatting away to each other about last weekend/next weekends plans.
On one particular occasion I had made my way to be served. The lady pressed a few buttons on her computer, looked confused and pressed them again.
"It appears that you have not taxed your car for the past three months," she stated.
"Oh yes I have," I replied in my best pantomime voice.
"There is no record of it here."
"But I have a tax disc saying I have."
"Can you go and get it please?"
"Do I have to queue up again."
"No, come straight to me."
I ran out, across the street to the car park and extracted the disc from the windscreen. Back to the office where I produced it with a flourish. All was soon sorted and I left with my old and new tax discs.
I approached my car and saw a piece of paper under the wiper.
Back I raced to yer one in the tax office. She looked at me, trying to conceal a smirk and said
"I'm sorry about that. But you'll have to go to the County Buildings to explain your case."
Off I sped, doing wheelies into their car park.
I explained my case to the lady there, who was also having trouble concealing a sneer.
"You will have to fill out this form and I will need to take a photocopy of both tax discs."
"But that will mean removing the tax disc from the front of my car."
"That's what has me here in the first place."
The gods were on my side this time and I got all sorted. I never heard any more about it.

The reason I remembered this story today is because it was time to tax Roxy.
The difference is, I did it from my computer while lying on my sun lounger, overlooking the pool in the Turkish sunshine, simply by pressing a few buttons.
God bless modern technology


  1. Aye and everything can be paid so painlessly these days, even the Household Charges gr'rr

  2. The only painful part is getting the money to pay them :(